Meet Lena! Goodness this woman is incredible. Not only is she super strong, resilient, and down to earth… she is STUNNING. I remember her nerves, but I am so glad she trusted the process and let me do my thing. I can recall multiple images I saw loading on my camera that just made me […]

Meet Rebekah, a mama of three amazing kiddos and a woman who is just too hard on herself. Aren’t we all? I have to tell you all how much fun I had for her session. You see, she thought she brought super simple pieces and wasn’t sure what we would do with them. I saw […]

I can relate to Carrie so much. She’s in the process of rediscovering herself after her kids have grown older. As a working mom, you sometimes get lost in juggling the job and focusing on the kiddos. You lose yourself over time, and it just becomes normal. Carrie is in the process of taking that […]

Today’s woman’s spotlight is a raw one. Lynn is right in the middle of starting over after a tragedy only one year ago. She is still feeling the waves of pain and grief, yet she chooses to focus on moving forward… on being strong for her daughter. She chose to have this experience as a […]

Meet Jennifer! She was honestly so much fun to work with. This woman is telling the truth when she says she has learned to love herself and understand how much she is worth having that self love. This is a woman who has been through so much, yet she’s come out an amazing version of […]